Lore ❤️ Zora

Lore Team

Blockchain tooling startup Lore announced today the launch of its support for Zora Network, the innovative Layer 2 platform built on top of Ethereum, aimed at mainstream adoption. Through this initiative, Lore will equip Zora Network and its developers with advanced blockchain tooling capabilities.

Zora Network has emerged as a key player in the blockchain space, offering a Layer 2 solution that extends the capabilities of Ethereum. It provides a scalable, efficient alternative for developers looking to build dApps with enhanced performance and lower transaction costs. Leveraging the open-source OP Stack maintained by the Optimism Collective, Zora Network facilitates a seamless, secure, and decentralized environment for applications.

Through the support of Lore, developers on Zora Network will gain access to reliable real-time data on all on-chain activity, customizable API endpoints tailored to their infrastructure needs, and AI assistance for interacting with smart contracts and transactions efficiently.

"Zora Network represents the forefront of Layer 2 innovation, offering significant scalability and efficiency improvements for Ethereum-based applications," said Ryan Myher, co-founder and COO of Lore. "We are excited to bring Lore's advanced tooling to support this growth, enhancing the capabilities of developers to create groundbreaking applications on Zora Network."

Lore's introduction to Zora Network simplifies the experience with on-chain data for everyday users, from verifying transactions to understanding complex transaction data in a more user-friendly language. This initiative is a significant step towards demystifying blockchain technology for a wider audience and fostering a more inclusive and educated user base.

With Lore's backing in infrastructure, data insights, and AI capabilities, Zora Network is well-positioned to continue its rapid development, delivering increasingly rich Web3 experiences to users across a variety of applications.

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