The First Legible Explorer.

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The Translator Engine
The Lore Translator Engine takes EVM transactions and maps them on to english sentences in real time. It then displays that data in our blockexplorer , and can be exported or fed into your own DB through our functional API.
English Labelled Wallets
We give wallets names so they’re easy to track
Labelled action words
Tags  that describes on-chain activity in txns.
Labelled Token Types
A catalogue of tokens, and their type
Configurable View
Choose how much information you see, always.
Adjustable Value
See value in any denomination or currency.
Labelled Contracts
Expertly, algorithmically labelled contracts.
quicker time to comprehend transactions
transactions successfully translated
Simple. Legible.
Legibility enables the next 1 Billion users to come in to web3. The current standard for how retail users interact with on chain data is daunting and unintuitive. That’s why we’re building with a serious focus on consumer, retail, and non technical users, as well as non technical hires at web3 startups.
Early Access
What's in the box?
Redefining the standard for block exploration. Starting with Ethereum.
Lore Scan
Introducing LoreScan, a block explorer built on top of the Lore Translator Engine. For the first time, search and digest information in a human readable format, and add complex behavioural and transactional filters. Consumer facing from day one.
Add tags to transactions, wallets and data. Enriched  by the community.
Labels are automatically added to transactions and are based on our predictive model.
Pin exactly the fields of data you want to see and which order you want to see them in.
Integrate with
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We offer a range of products and services that your company can use right out of the box.
AI  analytics
Everything That's Next
We are rolling a variety of products in the next 6 months.
First, we’re building an API to stream legible transaction data to your application. These are the same APIs we will be using to build the LoreScan BlockExplorers.
Block Explorer
You’ve heard enough about this.
We’re layering an analytics layer on top of our legible block explorer that gives traders insights, allowing advanced querying without code, and tagged data that is searchable.
Ad Network
From there, we will expand to build an ad network for our users that is sufficiently decentralized and entirely permissioned.
Once we have legible data, complex behavioural mapping, and entirely mapped smart contracts, we will build a native automations layer to build dApps and personal automations without code.
Something New
We’re working on it. Get excited.
Partners Signed Up Today.
Community Members Reached
Partners See Real Benefits
Early Partners of Lore Receive lifetime discounts on API use. We work closely with early adopters to make sure both the API and the final platform meet the standards and needs exactly. If defining the future of block exploration is interesting, you’d be an ideal early Lore Partner
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Frequently Asked Questions
Why would I use this?
From Preliminary tests, we can decrease the time it takes to read singular transactions about 4 times. That compounds the more you explore.
When can I use the Block Explorer?
In the next five months, we intend to roll out access to a select list of people. To get on that list, please refer to this page.
I’m a Dev and want to help you build. Where can I go?
We’re building this layer to help consumers, but have a channel in our Discord where developers can have fun toying with our APIs in Beta.
I can’t code. Can I query data?
Yes. You can write complex behavioural, qualitative, and quantitative queries in simple english. We interpret the results and return it to you in a totally adjustable format.