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Lore Team

Lore Partners with High-Growth Layer 2 Base

Blockchain tooling startup Lore announced today it has partnered with Base, the rapidly growing Layer 2 platform built for mainstream adoption. Through the partnership, Lore will provide Base and its developers with advanced blockchain tooling capabilities.

Base has seen tremendous expansion over the past year as developers flocked to build high-scalability dApps on top of its Ethereum-compatible Layer 2 solution. However, with rapid adoption came rising infrastructure needs to keep up with explosive on-chain activity.

Through the integration with Lore, Base developers will gain access to reliable real-time data on all on-chain activity, customizable API endpoints for their infrastructure needs, and AI assistance for conversing with smart contracts and transactions.

"Base is one of the fastest growing Layer 2's as developers have eagerly embraced the order-of-magnitude scalability gains it offers over Layer 1 alternatives," said Armaan Kalsi, co-founder and CEO of Lore. "We are thrilled to now offer Lore's bespoke tooling designed to supercharge innovation atop high-performance Layer 2's like Base, as development on such platforms is poised to explode even further."

Lore also makes dealing with on-chain data simple for everyday users. Whether it be verifying transactions, legible transaction data, staying up to date on activity and more. Our goal is to help the next 1B users understand what they're doing on-chain with language they're comfortable with.

With Lore's support in infrastructure, data insights, and AI capabilities, Base is positioned to continue its rapid ascent and deliver ever-richer Web3 experiences to users across applications.