Lore ❤️ Avvy Domains

Lore Team

Blockchain tooling startup Lore announced today its integration with Avvy Domains, the innovative naming service on the Avalanche blockchain designed for mainstream adoption. This collaboration will equip Avvy Domains and its developers with advanced blockchain tooling capabilities, enhancing the usability and integration of human-readable domain names across the Avalanche ecosystem.

Avvy Domains has witnessed significant growth, driven by developers eager to leverage its unique naming system for scalable decentralized applications (dApps). This system, particularly beneficial for Avalanche's subnet architecture, addresses the rising infrastructure demands accompanying the platform's rapid adoption.

With Lore's integration, users will be able to search Avvy Domains in the avalanche explorer, searchavax.com!

Avvy Domains serves as the naming service on the Avalanche blockchain, allowing users and businesses to use human-readable names like "johndoe.avax" instead of complex wallet addresses. It's designed with a focus on subnets within the Avalanche ecosystem, aiming to facilitate a robust and flexible platform for referencing digital entities across multiple blockchains. This system supports easy integration and aims to enhance usability with memorable identifiers and identity verification through reverse lookups. For more detailed information, visit the Avvy Domains documentation.